Recently, we wrote that taking out a new mortgage is not like buying a pair of shoes. Yet some internet lenders, like the one that rhymes with “pocket”, treat people like they are a commodity.

Often, we get borrowers who call and say they got hooked up with this “pocket” lender and it was quite an ordeal. The tell me that when they had questions about their mortgage, they had to talk to new person every time, got conflicting information, and no one seemed to know what was going on with their loan.

The online process was very impersonal and they felt like they were just a number, not a client.  On top of those difficulties, when we offered our mortgage rates and fees, we were able to give them a lower rate with fewer closing costs. These borrowers were relieved but also taken back a bit that they almost made a big mistake by thinking a mortgage can be as easy as pushing a few buttons. We always suggest to shop your mortgage around and when you do include a trusted local lender like indigo Mortgage, serving New Mexico homebuyers since 2003.

A Mortgage is not a Pair of Shoes Compare Local vs Internet Lenders