online mortgage versus a local mortgage broker

Some lenders today are treating the biggest financial transaction of people’s lives like it’s as easy as buying a pair of shoes on the internet.

You’ve seen the advertisements – “just click this button and get a mortgage”. Mortgages are a big deal and they are very personal, so why do internet lenders assume borrowers are simply digits in a computer?

There are many questions that don’t get answered when you submit your information and a computer-generated message comes back with your mortgage offer. For example, who do you ask about points and fees? Is this the lowest rate I can qualify for? What mortgage program is in my best interest? Is there mortgage insurance, why do I have to have mortgage insurance, etc , etc.

So, you can see just doing an inquiry with an online mortgage company, there are so many questions that need to be answered. Sure, they make it sound convenient but at what cost. A local lender like Indigo Mortgage is equipped to do everything an internet lender can do but with a personal touch. We can answer questions, we can offer the best rates on the market, and we are transparent about the costs.

Remember getting a mortgage is not like buying a pair of shoes on the internet so don’t let an internet lender treat you that way, stay local.

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