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When you’re in the market for a new mortgage or to refinance your loan, or even if you’re about to purchase a new vehicle, there’s something important you should know: The instant that a mortgage broker or any lender pulls your credit as part of that application process, the major credit reporting bureaus (Experian, TransUnion,

Recently the team at Indigo Mortgage has had feedback from several local real estate agents who have said they really don’t like working with big national lenders like the “Pocket” sounding company or that Veterans Divided VA home loan lender. The number one reason they give is that those large national mortgage lenders are not

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Recently we have been talking about some of those big internet lenders like that one that should be called Veterans Divided, and another, the Pocket sounding lender. These large national mortgage lenders aren’t the best option for many homebuyers. Here are a couple of examples, what we think shows the proof is in the pudding

online mortgage versus a local mortgage broker

Many prospective home buyers or people wanting to refinance may have never done a mortgage application before or it’s been some time since they did an application. And because of today’s higher mortgage interest rates and uncertainty, borrowers can be uneasy about applying for a mortgage. In an age of electronics and computers, it’s becoming

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If you’re in the market for a new home loan or to refinance, it’s important to distinguish between a mortgage lender and a mortgage broker. Loan officers at a mortgage broker (like Indigo Mortgage) actually work for the borrower, while loan officers from a mortgage lender represent the bank. If you’re applying for a mortgage

Bank statement loan for mortgage

If you’re self employed and trying to purchase a home, you might find that some mortgage processes are harder for you. Some lenders are hesitant to loan hundreds of thousands of dollars to a self-employed business owner, especially if your company is not very old. At Indigo Mortgage, we have access to mortgage loans that

Mortgage down payment options

In today’s mortgage market, there are several options for down payments on a home purchase. At Indigo Mortgage, we have our 100% financing option called Indigo Bright Start. In our exclusive program, borrowers don’t have to put down any money and there are no income restrictions. First time home buyers can also put as little

Mortgage brokers offer better service

Today, mortgage brokers make up 25% of the mortgage market, an all time high. The other option for a home loan is using a mortgage lending division attached to a bank or offered through a home builder. Mortgage brokers are adept at helping all types of borrowers for home mortgages. Because mortgage brokers have access

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