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Benjamin Franklin Lucero was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 1962 and lived there until he graduated from Mayfield High School in 1980. He attended the University of Missouri on a full Track and Field scholarship as a high jumper. Ben graduated from “Mizzou” in December of 1985.

Following his Track and Field achievements that took him as far as the Olympic trials in 1984 and 1988 (placing 12th and 16th respectively), he took his competitiveness and determination into the sales field after college.

During his employment at Goldome Acceptance Mortgage division, Ben was honored as the national salesman of the year in 1988, the same year he competed in the Olympic Trials. Wanting to move back to God’s Country (New Mexico), Ben came to Albuquerque in 1989.

A sales career in pharmaceuticals was again honored with the national salesman of the year for Novartis Neuroscience Pharmaceuticals in 2001. But traveling 80% of the time, and with his wife pregnant with their first child, Ben resigned from the pharmaceutical business and started to work for Bank of America in their small business commercial division.

He completed a vigorous and intense training program to become a certified commercial banker with Bank of America. In 2003 Ben decided it was time to further his talents and become his own boss and that is when Indigo Mortgage was born: 01/01/2003.

Not wanting to be just another mortgage broker, Ben was determined to be a specialist in different types of lending so he formed separate divisions to make sure consumers were getting the expertise of each type of mortgage program.

He started with the Residential Division as his experience from Goldome Acceptance Mortgage Division proved he was proficient in residential lending. He also started the commercial division as he had the certification from Bank of America in commercial lending. He saw a need for construction loans in Albuquerque so he decided to become an expert in construction loans and was certified with every construction loan company that offered a certification. This required many hours of online training to get the certification from each company. Ben then saw a need for veterans to understand and access the VA mortgage loan programs so he studied the VA loan programs and got VA lender approvals from several VA mortgage-backed lenders and now the VA mortgage loan center secures more VA mortgage loans than any broker in New Mexico.

Ben has a profound faith in the Lord Jesus and attributes the success and growth of Indigo Mortgage to God being faithful to his business.

Ben Lucero

Ben Lucero, NMLS # 231962

Indigo Mortgage, NMLS # 188348

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