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Source of Funds in a Mortgage Loan

When preparing to buy a home that will have a mortgage, borrowers are required to come up with a down payment and closing costs. That money can come from different sources. The first is the borrowers have saved the money and have it already in a checking or savings account. The next way is that

Mortgage Down Payment Options

In today’s mortgage market, there are several options for down payments on a home purchase. At Indigo Mortgage, we have our 100% financing option called Indigo Bright Start. In our exclusive program, borrowers don’t have to put down any money and there are no income restrictions. First time home buyers can also put as little

Mortgage Brokers are Better

Today, mortgage brokers make up 25% of the mortgage market, an all time high. The other option for a home loan is using a mortgage lending division attached to a bank or offered through a home builder. Mortgage brokers are adept at helping all types of borrowers for home mortgages. Because mortgage brokers have access

Indigo’s 100 Percent Home Loan

Indigo Mortgage is pleased to announce our great new home loan program called Indigo Bright Start. Our Bright Start program offers a 1st and 2nd mortgage that allows the home buyer 100% financing with no money down and in some cases even helps with closing costs. The 1st mortgage is an FHA loan and the

Indigo’s Lightning Mortgage Pre-Approval

Indigo Mortgage recently launched a great new program for home buyers called Indigo Lightning. Indigo Lightning will issue a pre-approval on a buyer’s home loan application within 24 hours in most cases. A pre-approval carries much more weight than just a pre-qualification. A pre-approval lets the seller know that the buyer’s application has been approved

VA Streamline Loan ReFi’s

Veterans are starting to get hammered by mortgage lenders all over the country, trying to get the veterans to do a VA streamline refinance. Because mortgage interest rates are starting to come down to the low 5% range for VA streamline refinances, every veteran with a home loan above 6% is getting inundated with offers

VA Streamlined Refinance Rates

Exciting news for New Mexico residents! Indigo Mortgage is thrilled to offer exclusive VA streamlined refinance rates, starting as low as 5.49%-5.75%. Our largest lender has authorized these rates for eligible veterans, providing a 30-year fixed rate with a minimum credit score requirement of 640 and a loan amount of at least $200,000. This special

Secure Your Savings: Indigo Mortgage’s Exclusive Mortgage Rate Tracker

Most experts predict mortgage interest rates will decrease around April/May 2024. When rates come down, they will be about 1.5% to 2% lower than they currently are (6-7%). Those who took out a mortgage in the past two years may consider refinancing to take advantage of the lower interest rates. This could save them hundreds of dollars

Helping During a Divorce

There are unfortunate situations, such as a divorce, where a local mortgage company like Indigo Mortgage can be a true advocate. A local New Mexico lender like us will be much more attentive to your needs as a borrower when compared to any other national or out-of-state lender. There are many pieces to a puzzle

Buying From Family Members

In New Mexico, it’s a common practice among family members to sell their homes to their loved ones instead of on the open market. This type of sale helps to maintain ownership of the family’s property and ensure that the home is passed down to future generations. This presents an excellent opportunity for both family