Large VA lenders may not offer the best rates on VA loans.

The sad truth for veterans is they have been led to trust in one of the biggest names in the mortgage industry, one that says it provides the most Veterans Administration loans each year. But we have found that a company like this that say they “unite veterans” is actually dividing veterans from their money.

Indigo Mortgage has had the opportunity to compare our VA loan rates and fees with this big national lender and the sad truth is, this supposedly United Veterans lender is charging veterans very high mortgage rates on their VA loans and way too many fees.

In comparing their offer for a VA mortgage with an offer we put together at Indigo Mortgage, we have been able to offer rates a full percent below what they offered the veteran, as well as saving many thousands of dollars less in fees and closing costs.

We always encourage home buyers and those looking to refinance to shop their mortgage around to compare between lenders. It’s the sad truth that some veterans do not shop their mortgage and unfortunately, some will pay dearly for it with thousands more spent over the life of the mortgage loan.

So veterans, please don’t trust that this United Veterans lender, or any national lender promoting VA loans, is giving you the best rates or fees. Please shop that mortgage around and be sure to shop with your trusted local Albuquerque mortgage company, Indigo Mortgage. We’ve served veterans and all home buyers since 2003 and will do our best to help you find the right loan at the best interest rate and lowest fees.

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