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Every day, we get borrowers who call and say they have seen ads with mortgage interest rates to purchase or refi their home as low as 1.75%. They want to know if we can offer them that kind of low rate. Our response is that we can offer any rate they want, but it’s a

Home Loan

As we are seeing home mortgages and refinances at all-time highs, don’t be too quick to accept an offer from a national mortgage lender, without reading the small print. Most recently National lenders are attempting new tactics to entice homeowners with low rates and nearly impossible requirements to qualify. Not long ago a borrower came

Don’t reward bad lenders. Many mortgage borrowers in this market have heeded our call to shop their mortgage around, especially when dealing with that “quick in pocket-sounding lender” or that VA lender that is supposed to “unite” veterans. They call us because they want to compare offers to see if they are getting a good

VA Loan

Because Indigo Mortgage has the VA Mortgage Loan Center, we’ve helped many, many veterans over the years. They have come to trust us to offer ethical and honorable mortgages. Like other consumers, veterans shop their mortgages around to find the lowest interest rates and fees. But when we see a VA mortgage loan proposal from

During the summer of 2021, we continue to see an extremely competitive real estate market as homes sell very quickly, and at the same time, mortgage rates are at historic lows. That means that many people may be making offers on the same home. An excellent way to set your offer apart is to accompany

If you’re shopping for a mortgage or a refi, you probably know that the “quick” sounding lender and the one whose name rhymes with “pocket” are one and the same, a large national mortgage company. We want to warn borrowers to not be so quick in making a decision, as both of these lenders have