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VA Loans for Veterans

At Indigo Mortgage, we close more VA home loans than any other mortgage company in New Mexico. We understand veteran’s requirements and work to make the process smooth for all veterans who have served our country. Use our VA Home Loan Calculator to estimate your monthly mortgage payment. Our Quick Analysis contact form will put you in touch with an Indigo Mortgage specialist in VA loans.

Whether you’re looking for your initial veterans home loan or to refinance a VA loan, our mortgage consultants will help with your VA home loan eligibility and to find the best VA home loan rates. We can work with vets across New Mexico in the VA home loan process. Some veterans are bombarded with mortgage loan information, some of which isn’t very ethical. We invite you to read ourVA-related blogs including VA Loans with extremely low rates, the VA Refinance Program, and VA construction home loans.

We’re also pleased to demonstrate our support for vets at each University of New Mexico football and basketball game as we sponsor the Color Guard’s appearance for the National Anthem.

A bit lower on this page, you’ll find lists of needed documents for VA loans, refinances, and streamlines, plus VA Loan Needs Lists. If you have any questions on a VA mortgage loan, benefits you have available, or on refinancing, use our Quick Loan Analysis form. It’s fast and easy, and doesn’t require a lot of information. You can also reach us at 505-836-5700. It is our goal to show our honor and respect to all military veterans as we help them find their home and use their VA home loan benefits.

Below you will find information on the supporting documents you will need for the VA home loan process.

Information on Veterans Administration Home Mortgages

Veterans can use the benefit multiple times as long as all old VA loans are paid off
Veteran loans are assumable
Streamline available for rental properties
We can order your certificate of eligibility for you


100% purchase money (zero money down for the veteran)
Allows 4% of purchase price to be paid towards veterans’ closing costs
No mortgage insurance required
Funding fee waived with 10% or more disability
Owner-occupied for purchases only


Up to 100% cash out (must be used to pay off debt)
Up to 95% cash out cash in hand
Up to 100% refinances – Can pay off existing mortgage even if not a VA loan

No mortgage insurance
Funding fee is waived with 10% or more disability


No income verification
Streamlined to a lower rate or a shorter term
Must be current for last 12 months on mortgage

VA Supporting Documents