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As we’ve mentioned during the last few weeks, the rise in the mortgage interest rates has caused a big drop in the number of mortgage loan applications. Some lenders are now chasing profits, trying to keep their net revenue the same while doing fewer deals. Many national lenders are chasing these profits by charging a

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It’s just become harder to get a mortgage on a second home. First, let’s define a second home or a vacation property versus an investment property. An investment property is purchased to rent out and not used as a permanent residence. A second home or vacation property is not a permanent residence but it also

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The Veterans Administration announced in April 2021 an expanded home loan eligibility for National Guard service. This broadens the eligibility for certain members serving in the National Guard. Learn about the qualifications here. This means that certain Guard members will now have access to the Veterans home loan program that allows 100% financing, zero down

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As veterans already know, VA mortgage interest rates are the lowest in history. Veterans know this because they are bombarded by internet ads, direct mail, and their own current mortgage company calling them daily about refinancing. Here are some simple guidelines. A veteran is eligible for a “streamline” interest rate reduction refinance loan (IRRRL), if

There are several steps in the actual mortgage process, as a home loan moves from application to funding. At Indigo Mortgage, we have developed a system to streamline that process and keep your mortgage moving quickly. To do that, we have created three departments: origination, set up, and processing. Indigo Mortgage is a mortgage broker,