Recently the team at Indigo Mortgage has had feedback from several local real estate agents who have said they really don’t like working with big national lenders like the “Pocket” sounding company or that Veterans Divided VA home loan lender.

The number one reason they give is that those large national mortgage lenders are not accountable and no one at those companies is eager to help.  These big national lenders have no incentive to get it right, no incentive to answer questions, and they don’t care if the loan makes the closing date or not.

These local realtors tell me their borrowers using a national lender get really frustrated during the homebuying process– they never talk to the same person on their loan and the national lenders’ support people are very critical when they explain things on the phone or an online chat.

These realtors says they always like working with local mortgage  lenders because there is a person (the same person all the way through the loan!) that they can talk to and are accountable to make sure it goes as planned.

Indigo Mortgage has been your trusted local mortgage company for more than 20 years because we are on your side, we are accountable to you and your realtors during the homebuying journey. So when you’re buying a home and need a great mortgage, stay local and remember Indigo Mortgage. We serve the Albuquerque metro region as well as all of New Mexico.

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