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Consider this question: if a local mortgage broker can offer what an internet lender can do and more, why not stay local? Because that’s exactly what a local mortgage broker like Indigo Mortgage can offer.

We can most often provide the lowest interest rates with the lowest closing costs. We are always accessible to answer questions, we encourage borrowers to meet us face to face, and most importantly we are accountable.

Inevitably some mortgage loans don’t go as planned, maybe someone dropped the ball, maybe an underwriter is unreasonable; when these things happen with an internet lender, you don’t really have anyone to advocate for you.

It’s important for a local lender to always make things right with borrowers so we are accountable, responsive and we actually care about the borrowers in our community. So what can an internet lender offer what a local mortgage broker cannot? Nothing. So we encourage borrowers to shop your mortgage locally and remember to use a trusted local mortgage company like Indigo Mortgage.

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