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With today’s changing conditions in the mortgage market, we strongly believe that mortgage brokers are a borrower’s best choice to get the best interest rate and the best deal for their home purchase or refinance.
Mortgage brokers are lenders who are working for the borrower, 100% of the time. We aren’t tied to one company’s offerings. With all other mortgage lenders, the loan officers and processors work for the bank or the lender, but not the borrower. Because brokers work for the borrower and not the lender, this makes the broker an advocate for the borrower to the lender.
When problems come up, brokers are problem solvers and are always looking out for the borrower; loan officers and processors that work for lenders are always looking out for the lender (their employer). If a problem arises with the lender, it’s the borrower that carries the burden to get those problems solved.
Also, brokers like Indigo Mortgage can use many different lenders so when one lender might not be able to get a loan done, another can — and the broker can easily switch to another lender to get the best offer for the home buyer.
Brokers also search for the best rates and terms for the borrower and more often can find the best rates available on the market. We also take the fees into account; sometimes the lowest interest rate has higher fees, which isn’t the best deal for the borrower.
Direct lenders like the online lender whose name rhymes with “Pocket” can only offer the borrower what their rate sheet has that day, which might not be the best a borrower can get.
Brokers are better and they are local. Indigo Mortgage is your trusted local mortgage broker and we’ve been serving Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and all of New Mexico since 2003.

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