As your local Albuquerque mortgage lender, Indigo Mortgage knows how important it is to communicate with all of the parties involved in your home buying process. You have a seller, a buyer, two realtors, and a title company, in addition to the lender.

All of those parties need frequent contact with the lender to get the loan financed and closed on time. They will frequently contact your local mortgage broker for updates on appraisals, collecting documents, and transferring information to and from the title company while working closely with the homebuyer.

It is essential to meet in person with your local mortgage broker, so we get to know you and understand your current financial circumstances to get the best mortgage that fits your needs. If you use an online lender for your home’s mortgage, you’ll communicate through email and voicemails, facing delays and frustration.

With all these important people and timelines that need to be coordinated, Indigo Mortgage is well suited to handle these duties. We’ve been in business for 20 years and that’s because we’ve built our reputation on doing the right thing and on meeting timelines for our clients. Out-of-town lenders, online lenders, big banks, and national lenders cannot possibly address all these with efficiency.

Don’t fall for the old “push a button and you can have a mortgage”. It’s much more involved than just pushing buttons. After the borrower is in application with any of these big national lenders or banks, everybody, including the borrower, is left with voicemail hell and talking to different people unfamiliar with the loan.

A local mortgage company is vital to get the best service when purchasing a home. Call us at (505) 836-5700 to schedule with your trusted Indigo Mortgage broker.

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