If you’re about to purchase a new home or refinance your mortgage loan, you are bombarded daily with ads for mortgage loans. They’re especially aggressive from the national lender whose name rhymes with “Pocket” and the big internet lenders who say they can manage your home’s purchase and mortgage. But do big internet lenders really service local borrowers like a local mortgage lender can?

A local lender like Indigo Mortgage can not only offer the same or better interest rates than large lenders but we can also do what they cannot do. For example, when you work with a local lender, you get a live person who will pick up the phone, answer questions, know you by name, and be familiar with your transaction.

Local lenders can always meet you face to face, prepare pre-qualification and pre-approval letters specifically for your purchase offer on a home, and personally help you navigate through the entire mortgage process.

Think of it this way: would you use an out of state real estate agent to handle your home purchase? Of course not, because they don’t know the local market. So why use an out of state mortgage company? Who you choose to work with to finance your home is equally as important as your real estate agent is in the purchase of your home.

We always recommend that you shop your mortgage but include a local trusted mortgage lender as you get estimates. At Indigo Mortgage, we know you will see why a local lender is a better choice than that lender who’s in a “pocket”.

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