Improved rates for veterans

Exciting news for New Mexico residents! Indigo Mortgage is thrilled to offer exclusive VA streamlined refinance rates, starting as low as 5.49%-5.75%. Our largest lender has authorized these rates for eligible veterans, providing a 30-year fixed rate with a minimum credit score requirement of 640 and a loan amount of at least $200,000. This special offer is tailored for veterans with a current interest rate above 6.5%, who have made at least seven payments on their existing mortgage. The best part? No income qualification is needed, and there’s no appraisal required.

Our team at Indigo Mortgage can get this VA streamline done in as little as two weeks.

Take advantage of this opportunity to potentially lower your monthly payments—call us at Indigo Mortgage to see if these new VA streamline rates are the right fit for you.


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