IRRRL Streamline loan

Now that interest rates are at a historic low, many homeowners are taking advantage of special programs available to them. These include VA Streamline Loans for Veterans.

Many Veterans are currently taking advantage of the VA Streamline loan. It’s important to do your research when it comes to these types of loans, especially when it comes to larger lending companies. These offers may sound great, but they often come with a not-so-impressive rate, as well as endless fees. We encourage borrowers to really do their research when it comes to these VA Streamline Loans, as they can not be so “streamline” when working with the wrong mortgage lender. At Indigo Mortgage New Mexico, we believe that lenders should honor Veterans with legitimate offers and ethical proposals. It should be a good opportunity for the Veteran and not a way for lenders to make money.

We recommend that all Veterans take their time and shop around when it comes to their mortgage loan. Always keep in mind to stay local! We care about those that are a part of our community and strive to find you the best options available. Reach out to the team at Indigo Mortgage New Mexico, today!

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