VA Loan

We specialize in VA loans in New Mexico. At Indigo Mortgage, we recently discovered some interesting information about VA rates and closing costs.

A recent national survey compared VA interest rates and closing costs nationwide. This survey analyzed the top ten VA lenders nationally and compared them to smaller local VA lenders such as Indigo Mortgage. The survey results were surprising. The results concluded that the larger national VA lenders’ interest rates were .5%-1% higher than those of smaller lenders. The survey also found that if they matched the smaller lender’s rate, their closing costs were thousands of dollars higher.

Another interesting aspect of the survey was that one lender, United Wholesale Mortgage, has consistently been offering some of the lowest VA rates and fees, which is great. Indigo Mortgage is United Wholesale’s number one VA mortgage broker in New Mexico.

VA loans are a great option for those who qualify. When it comes to VA loans, it’s crucial to shop around. Shopping locally can also increase your chances of lower interest rates and closing costs. For a trusted local VA mortgage broker, reach out to Indigo Mortgage.

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