Mortgage Shopping

There have been many changes in the world recently. Those changes include fluctuations in home mortgage rates. Here’s how Indigo Mortgage can help borrowers lock in lower rates with our Ticker List.

Consumers will be happy to know that rates have finally come down and are starting to reach the historical lows we saw about a month ago. It seems as though the rates are fluctuating quite frequently, which means it’s important to lock in a lower rate when they become available. This is possible with the Indigo Mortgage Ticker List. Don’t lose your chance to take advantage of a great mortgage rate when the time comes.

We suggest you reach out to the Indigo Mortgage team for an evaluation. This will allow us to see what interest rate works best for you. If the rate does meet the low you are reaching for, we can lock it in right then and there.

If you are looking in to purchasing a new home and want to ensure you get the lowest interest rate possible, reach out to the team at Indigo Mortgage. We will be here to secure the lowest rate possible and help you take the next step towards your future.

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