Indigo Mortgage

For twenty years, Indigo Mortgage has served New Mexico and the Albuquerque metro area. Now that we are coming into a new year, here is a brief history of Indigo Mortgage.

Most people don’t know that Ben started Indigo Mortgage in his garage twenty years ago with his wife, brother, and a friend from church. The first Indigo Mortgage meeting was held at the kitchen table over chorizo and eggs. Ben’s wife actually came up with the name “Indigo,” as his last name is Lucero, which is a loose translation of “light” or “early morning star.” They toyed around with the name La Luz Mortgage and Morning Star Mortgage, but nothing seemed to fit. That is when Ben’s wife mentioned Indigo Mortgage, like the indigo lights in the northern hemisphere. That is where the name Indigo Mortgage was born!

Since then, Indigo Mortgage has grown from Ben’s kitchen table to our new building on Eagle Rock Road in Albuquerque, and is still family-run. Ben’s brother, Jerry, is the operations manager, while his sister Laura, runs the operating systems and marketing. We still have the four mortgage divisions comprised of Residential Loans, VA Loans, Construction Loans, and Commercial Loans. We are also the number one Veterans Mortgage Broker in New Mexico.

Ben is a New Mexico native, born in Las Cruces and graduated from Mayfield High School in 1980, so Indigo Mortgage is locally owned and operated. We are proud to say we are one of only three mortgage companies in Albuquerque that has kept the same name and ownership for twenty years. We hope to spend another twenty years serving New Mexico. If you are looking for a local lender that truly cares, reach out to us. No one knows this beautiful state like the team at Indigo Mortgage!

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