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The real estate market is very competitive and with mortgage rates at historic lows many people are out there making offers on homes. One way to set your offer apart is to accompany your offer to the seller with a Pre-approval vs just a pre-qualification. This gives the seller confidence the loan is solid and takes away any guesswork and anxiety about what offer to accept. With a pre-approval the underwriter issues an actual approval and the only item needed to close is the appraisal title work and the purchase agreement. A pre-qual is really just an analysis of the loan by the lender but not actually seen by an underwriter. The Pre-Approval letter carries much more weight with the seller so in a completive market when a seller is reviewing multiple offers make sure yours has a Pre-Approval. Because Indigo Mortgage is a mortgage broker we have access to a few lenders that offer a TBD Pre-Approval as not all lenders will offer this service. So if you are in the purchase market call Indigo Mortgage and let us secure a Pre-Approval for your purchase offer.

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