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A new independent national survey was recently conducted, looking not only at VA interest rates but also comparing closing costs. The survey looked at the top 10 VA lenders nationally and compared them to smaller VA lenders.

The results showed that the big national VA lenders, the big names you recognize, are clearly taking advantage of veterans– their rates were, on average, half of a percent higher than small lenders. If they did match the rates of the small lenders, their closing costs were many thousands of dollars higher.

One lender consistently one of the lowest in rates and in fees charged is named United Wholesale Mortgage. The really great news: Indigo Mortgage is United Wholesale’s #1 VA mortgage broker in New Mexico.

That shows our focus on getting veterans the best interest rates and lowest closing costs. We always say how important it is to shop around for a mortgage, especially if you are shopping a national lender or even one that services your present loan. Shop the loan, and always shop your local mortgage broker.

The Value of a Local Lender Avoid Up-Front Application Fees