image of veteran and her family in front of house

Indigo Mortgage’s owner, Ben Lucero, shares some recent success stories for VA home loans in New Mexico!

“Recently, I had a veteran call me and say he got an offer from his local credit union on a VA streamline loan, but he was really disappointed in the rate they offered and the amount of closing costs. He said he heard the Indigo Mortgage radio ads about shopping the mortgage around and so he called me.

We were able to secure an interest rate that was .5% better than the rate from his credit union and our offer saved him thousands of dollars in closing costs.

In another instance, a veteran called and said she talked with one of the big lenders and put in an application. After a few weeks, she finally got a loan estimate but the interest rate was much higher and the fees much higher than what they had discussed. She’d also heard our ads and “shopped her mortgage”. Now we have this veteran locked in at an interest rate that is also .5% less than the other lender and her closing costs are cut in half compared to the big lender.

These are only two examples of many that Indigo Mortgage has been able to help veterans get the rates and terms they deserve. It pays to shop your mortgage and Indigo Mortgage is your trusted local VA mortgage broker. “

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