Mortgage brokers offer better service

Today, mortgage brokers make up 25% of the mortgage market, an all time high. The other option for a home loan is using a mortgage lending division attached to a bank or offered through a home builder.

Mortgage brokers are adept at helping all types of borrowers for home mortgages. Because mortgage brokers have access to many lenders and different mortgage programs, borrowers most often are going to get the lowest rates with the lowest fees on their mortgage loan. At Indigo Mortgage, we even offer options for 100% home loans with no down payment required.

Many brokers, including Indigo Mortgage, have saved borrowers an average almost $10,000 in fees and interest over the life of their mortgage.

Many mortgage brokers are locally owned companies, not behemoth national online mortgage companies, and we are known to help borrowers in our local communities. We are accessible, meaning you will talk to a person familiar with your loan from application to funding. No waiting on hold only to get a person who’s not familiar with your situation.

Brokers are accountable and we have a lot of incentive to get it right. We work with different lenders and if there are problems on a loan, we can possibly move the loan to a different lender to get the loan done. This option is not possible with other lenders once they say no, the borrower is left to start over again.

Brokers are better and let us prove it to you– if you are in the market for a purchase or refinance your home, call us at Indigo Mortgage and let us show you we are better. We’ve served New Mexico homebuyers since 2003.

Indigo’s 100 Percent Home Loan Mortgage Down Payment Options