If you’re shopping for a mortgage or a refi, you probably know that the “quick” sounding lender and the one whose name rhymes with “pocket” are one and the same, a large national mortgage company.

We want to warn borrowers to not be so quick in making a decision, as both of these lenders have been raking borrowers over the coals with either high rates or exurbanite fees to get a lower rate.

We know this because borrowers do shop for the best mortgage rate, and when they compare our offer to either the “Quick” or the “Pocket” rates, we have found that both have either a much higher interest rate or are thousands of dollars higher in lender fees.

When the borrowers tell the “Quick” or the “Pocket” company that they found a better deal, these lenders tell the borrower to send them our offer and they will match it. The borrower should ask themself this question… if they hadn’t shopped the mortgage around, would these national lenders have let the borrower go to closing with the higher rate or higher closing costs?  Of course, they would have. Again, don’t be so quick in taking an offer from either of these lenders, they do not have your best interest in mind. At Indigo Mortgage, we’ve served New Mexico homeowners since 2003 with mortgages to fit your need.

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