In today’s real estate market with very limited homes for sale, many New Mexico borrowers are choosing to build a home and take out a construction loan to do so. Many homebuyers aren’t familiar with construction loans so let’s look at them today.

Indigo Mortgage has been offering construction loans since our inception in 2003 and we are truly experts when it comes to construction loans.

We have access to different types of constitution loans such as a one-time close construction loans for veterans. For non-veterans, we have one-time close loans and two-time close loans. And we can help you decide which is better for your circumstance!

We offer owner-builder constructions loans as well. For veterans, we can offer a one-time close loan that offers the veteran 100% financing even if he or she is buying the land. For non-veterans, we can offer construction loans whether you are buying the land and including that cost into the new construction loan, or if you have owned the land for a period of time and are using that equity for the down payment.

We can guide you through the construction mortgage loan process whether you are just starting or knee-deep into the process. Indigo Mortgage can even refer borrowers to a few well-established local builders.

So if any borrowers are even thinking about building a new home instead of purchasing an existing home, and you want to explore a construction loan, call us at Indigo Mortgage and we can sit down and discuss the many options we have available for you. Since 2003, Indigo Mortgage has been doing construction loans and we are experts in construction lending for New Mexicans ready to build a new home.

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