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Many borrowers don't understand the whole pre-approval process. It is common for individuals to approach the application process with one question- what will my rate be? But this is only one half of the process.
Due to the historically low rates available right now, more and more homeowners and homebuyers are taking advantage. Due to this influx, turn times will be affected at all lenders, even if they promise you a quick turnaround- you can be assured, it will be a bit slower than normal.…
Saturday Jan 10, 2015

2015 Market Updates

There is great news for potential borrowers to kick off the new year. Rates are now approaching their very lowest, making now a great time to streamline, look into reduction of term, or cash-out. VA and FHA rates have now dropped as low as 3%, and conventional loans are in…
We’ve previously explored the topic of VA, or veteran’s home loans, and the many benefits of enrolling in this program if you qualify. The VA offers an excellent mortgage loan with zero percent down up to $417, 000. In other words, the VA mortgage loans offer 100% financing. Also, with…
The VA mortgage refinance program is the strongest loan on the market today for many reasons. We’ll give you the low down on these loans today. If a veteran wants to refinance a mortgage that is not currently under the VA program, Indigo Mortgage can refinance 100% of the loan…
The Federal Housing Finance Agency has just begun to discuss whether Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should lower their down payment requirements from 5% to 3% for select borrowers. This would make a huge difference in mortgage availability for many potential homebuyers. Currently borrowers who want to take out a…
Friday Oct 17, 2014

Mortgage Anxiety

Many first time homebuyers, or even current homeowners looking to refinance, never follow through on the process simply because they are unfamiliar with the application process, are nervous to apply, or image that it will take far too much time to complete.
Tuesday Oct 14, 2014

Mortgage Market Updates

The biggest news on the mortgage market these days is the fact that mortgage rates have been steadily trending downward. In fact, over the last several weeks, rates have dropped to their lowest of the past 18 months. For this reason, now is a great time to for any homeowner…
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