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Our company president, Ben Lucero, loves to share stories when our customers shop for a mortgage. Last week, a realtor called Indigo Mortgage and said one of her clients was quoted an interest rate of 5.75% on a Federal Housing Administration purchase loan. She thought that was way too high…
Tuesday Oct 9, 2018

First Time Home Buyer Loans

Many mortgage lenders make offers for first-time home owner loan programs or first responder programs. However, they embellish what those mortgage loans really are. For example, one mortgage lender promotes that nurses, first responders or veterans can get loans with zero fees. The reality is, the lender charges a higher…
Tuesday Oct 9, 2018

Rising Interest Rate Dangers

Residents of Albuquerque understand that mortgage rates are on the rise, which will affect those with adjustable rate mortgages as well as those just beginning the home buying process and don’t have financing secured. The dangers that higher interest rates present, affect Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and high…
Tuesday Oct 9, 2018

Lock Your Interest Rate

Albuquerque’s Mortgage Rates are on the rise and this worries borrowers who are shopping for a home. Indigo Mortgage has a new loan product called Lock and Shop. Lock and Shop allows borrowers to purchase a home with the opportunity to lock in today’s mortgage rates before they even find…
Friday Aug 31, 2018

Types of Mortgage Companies

Mortgage Companies vs Banks and Internet Lenders for Home Loans In today’s mortgage market, you essentially have four types of mortgage companies. They include banks and credit unions, mortgage net branches, mortgage brokers, and internet lenders. Banks and credit unions essentially lend the borrower their company’s own money, while net…
Friday Aug 31, 2018

Not So Rocket Fast

Online Mortgages Aren’t Rocket Fast or Simple By now, most people are familiar with the mortgage commercial that has a NASA type theme. It promises a quick online mortgage application and a few clicks to approval for your home loan. At Indigo Mortgage, we’d like to advise borrowers who consider…
Indigo Mortgage is a locally owned and operated mortgage broker, serving local home buyers. As a mortgage broker, Indigo Mortgage has access to many wholesale lenders, which offer the best terms and rates on the market today. This is a benefit for all borrowers as we can provide many more…
Friday Aug 31, 2018

VA Path to Home Ownership

The VA home loan offers some great benefits for the veterans still in the military who have their certificate of eligibility or those just coming out of service, either from deployment or once they completed their active duty. Many of these veterans have no idea that they can qualify for…
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