By now, people have heard that the Feds are raising interest rates throughout the rest of the year to address rising inflation, and mortgage rates have already begun to increase from their all-time lows. However, we want people to realize that the ship has not sailed yet. Mortgage interest rates are still very low and

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It’s just become harder to get a mortgage on a second home. First, let’s define a second home or a vacation property versus an investment property. An investment property is purchased to rent out and not used as a permanent residence. A second home or vacation property is not a permanent residence but it also

Every day, we get borrowers who call and say they have seen ads with mortgage interest rates to purchase or refi their home as low as 1.75%. They want to know if we can offer them that kind of low rate. Our response is that we can offer any rate they want, but it’s a

As 2021 wraps up, you’re probably hearing the news that the Federal Reserve has been meeting, planning to address the rising inflation that’s happening across the United States. A couple of actions that the Federal Reserve can take to try to lessen inflation are raising the federal funds rate and quantitative easing. Today, the federal