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Many borrowers don't realize that when they agree to a purchase agreement, that there are actually six different parties involved in the transcation. These parties include: the buyer, the seller, the buyer's realtor, the seller's realtor, the title company, and the lender. That's a lot of people wanting a transaction…
Interest rates have once again hit historic lows, making right now a great time to borrow, or to refinance your existing loan. Borrowers that have a VA or FHA loan also have a lot of options through the VA and FHA streamline process.
Shopping around for your mortgage loan can save you thousands of dollars. In the current market, rates are low, and as such, it has lulled prospective borrowers into thinking that all borrowers are offering the best loan rates available. Yet, as a shopper, if you’re not shopping around your low,…
For many people, residential construction is the best way to get everything they want in a new home. To begin the process, borrowers first need land to build on, to select an architect, complete the plans, and then to select an appropriate builder.
Many seniors may want to consider a reverse mortgage when their retirement drops or they are waiting to collect Social Security. These tips are also useful for seniors who are receiving Social Security, but want to supplement their incomes, or are fearful that their "nest egg" of money will run…
If you are a veteran, you may have received various e-mails and mailings recently from VA lenders promising extremely low interest rates- usually below 3%. Many savvy shoppers in the Albuquerque area have contacted Indigo Mortgage with questions regarding these offers, and specifically, are they legitimate? The short answer from…
When you work with a loan officer, it can sometimes be unclear just who that officer is working for, so it is important to distinguish between loan officers at a mortgage broker, and those at a mortgage bank.
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