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Many lenders across the United States, including our company Indigo Mortgage, caution seniors about the complications of using an out-of-state lender for a Reverse Mortgage. There are many scams that have been reported to the Federal Government...
Most people have seen advertisements by now for mortgage companies promoting 100%-online mortgages without any human interaction. On the surface, this may seem an easy way to acquire a mortgage, but getting a mortgage isn’t like buying a pair of shoes.
Mortgage interest rates have fallen dramatically over the last few weeks, and are now at those historical lows once again. They are particularly low with FHA and VA rates, in the low-three-percent range. If your current interest rate on those is four-and-a-quarter percent or higher, now is the time to…
Currently, borrowers have many options when searching for a lender to meet their purchase or refinance needs. Many borrowers believe large, national lenders can provide the best rates and service, but that simply isn’t the case. It’s a good idea to use a local mortgage lender like Indigo Mortgage.
Most people know the stock market has taken a beating over the last few weeks. Indigo Mortgage sees a silver lining, though. What many haven’t realized is that mortgage interest rates have been dropping along with the stock market. This is good news for home buyers and homeowners.
Typically, the start of the new year is when people begin to look for a new home, so it’s a great time for Indigo Mortgage to talk to you about the mortgage pre-qualification process in detail so you know what to expect. Most lenders today consider a pre-approval to be…
Tuesday Jan 5, 2016

Refinancing VA Loans

The VA mortgage is still the strongest loan in today’s market. If a veteran wants to refinance a mortgage that is not currently a VA loan, Indigo Mortgage can finance 100% loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for the new loan. If a veteran wants to refinance a mortgage to pay off debts…
There is talk of a possible Federal interest rate increase, and you may be concerned about what that means for your mortgage interest rate. If Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen announces a rate hike tomorrow, it will not have much influence in the short term for your mortgage interest rates.…
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