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Tuesday, 06 February 2018 20:49

KKOB February 6

Shopping around helps save you thousands of dollars when you're looking for a mortgage. Ben Lucero discusses some success stories that show you should always look for the best rates and terms out there.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the government agency that oversees all financial instructions nationwide, recently conducted a survey that turned up some interesting findings. Survey results showed that 70% of borrowers that responded did not shop around when looking for a mortgage. Because of this, the amount of total overpaid fees comes out to approximately 30 billion dollars, and that’s just looking at fees, not the higher rate that borrowers are settling for! At Indigo Mortgage, we always tell our customers to shop around, because we know that better rates and terms are out there, and we can help you find that perfect deal!

Never assume that your current lender is offering you the best deal, and don’t assume that your bank will offer the best terms. Often, at Indigo Mortgage, we find that internet lenders and big national lenders seem to present a good deal up front, but once you take a look at the fine print, it’s a different story. It adds up, over 15 to 30 years of paying a higher rate means that borrowers are paying thousands of dollars more in interest. This can be avoided with just a little bit of research!

At Indigo Mortgage, we will never ask to see what others are offering, and we will always send you our best offer first. If another lender has a better offer, we will advise you to take it! So please, shop around. Indigo Mortgage is always here to help you find the best mortgage for you!

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The CFPB or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the national financial governing body responsible for protecting all consumers and is an organization put in place after the big financial meltdown a few years ago. The CFPB conducted a nationwide study and they recently published some key results about mortgages that consumers need to know.

The study found that 77% of home buyers applied to only one lender for their mortgage. That means that only 23% shopped their mortgage around for competitive offers. The study showed that because borrowers did not shop their mortgage, it cost them billions of dollars in unnecessary fees and higher rates.

The reasons that the borrowers didn’t shop for different mortgage offers-- consumers said they had faith in their present lender, often the bank they’ve used for some time, or one of the big national mortgage lenders. These huge lenders depend upon their clients not shopping around, and that’s why borrowers often receive higher rates and fees—they know they won’t have a competitive mortgage offer.

The best way to find the best mortgage loan is to simply pick up the phone and call more than one lender-- make sure to include a local trusted mortgage company, who may be able to be much more competitive with mortgage rates and fees. At Indigo Mortgage, we are happy to answer your mortgage questions and to help borrowers understand how to comparison shop rates and fees.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 15:10

KKOB on May 24

Key Questions to Ask About a Mortgage

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Mortgage interest rates have fallen dramatically over the last few weeks, and are now at those historical lows once again. They are particularly low with FHA and VA rates, in the low-three-percent range. If your current interest rate on those is four-and-a-quarter percent or higher, now is the time to look at streamline refinancing.

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Tuesday, 09 February 2016 19:44

KKOB on February 9th

Get a Second Opinion if Denied a Mortgage Loan

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