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The Reverse-to-Purchase Loan (Reverse Mortgage) was established in 1961, as a unique way to help a widowed wife in Portland, Maine keep her home...
The VA one-time close construction loan is truly a great new program. This loan program allows the veteran to finance the construction of their new home, then the loan automatically converts to a permanent loan, after the home is finished...
Indigo Mortgage can help you find the best fit for your mortgage...
Monday Apr 11, 2016

Mortgage Needs List 2016

Whether you are buying or refinancing a home, mortgage lenders always require paperwork to verify every aspect of your finances, for example, any debts, income, assets, etc...
Mortgage rates are at an all-time low, which brings great opportunities for those interested in refinancing their homes...
Wednesday Mar 9, 2016

KKOB on March 8th

Crazy VA Rate Mailers
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Thursday Mar 17, 2016

KKOB on March 15th

The Reverse Mortgage: Exciting Options for Seniors
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Many lenders across the United States, including our company Indigo Mortgage, caution seniors about the complications of using an out-of-state lender for a Reverse Mortgage. There are many scams that have been reported to the Federal Government...
Most people have seen advertisements by now for mortgage companies promoting 100%-online mortgages without any human interaction. On the surface, this may seem an easy way to acquire a mortgage, but getting a mortgage isn’t like buying a pair of shoes.
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