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Indigo Mortgage is proud to be a locally owned and operated New Mexico broker. We believe that having a local presence provides many advantages and benefits to our customers. Lower Rates: National lenders often hike up their rates or hide the terms of the loan in the fine print. Because…
Tuesday Oct 25, 2016

KKOB on October 25

Many lenders are implementing deceptive tactics to incentivize their loans, but they aren't sharing all of the facts about their rates and fees. We encourage veterans to keep their mortgage local and enlist the help of Indigo Mortgage.
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Recently, we’ve been getting phone calls from veterans asking us to match low rates they’ve seen advertised. Upon further investigation, we often find that these rates are not what they seem. For example, clients may be offered a 30-year mortgage with a low rate like 2.5% or 2.75%, but the…
Residential home construction loans have made a huge comeback. Many homeowners are opting to build a custom new home rather than buy a new home. Of course a process this complex and expensive comes with its share of anxiety. Planning ahead can ease some of the stress and make the…
Tuesday Oct 11, 2016

KKOB on October 11

Many homeowners are choosing to build rather than buy a new home. Ben Lucero of Indigo Mortgage has helped homeowners obtain construction loans for years. Listen as he shares tips on how to streamline the process.
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Tuesday Oct 4, 2016

Better Loans for Veterans

If you’re a veteran, be wary of refinancing offers from national or out-of-state lenders. We’ve seen cases where they may actually hurt you rather than help. For example, we had a disabled veteran come in and ask us to compare offers he got from a national lender. This lender was…
Tuesday Oct 4, 2016

KKOB on October 4

At Indigo Mortgage, we advise veterans to shop loans, because education is key to ensuring you get an honest offer. Our staff has seen many cases where out-of-state lenders attempt to take advantage with high rates and outrageous lender fees. We are always happy to help veterans compare loan offers,…
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Tuesday Sep 27, 2016

KKOB on September 27

Interest rates are near historical lows. It's a great time for veterans to consider the benefits of Indigo Mortgage's VA loan and refinancing options.
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Tuesday Sep 20, 2016

KKOB on September 20

There may be some confusion among homebuyers regarding available mortgage programs. Listen as Indigo Mortgage owner, Ben Lucero, outlines the best downpayment options in this radio segment.
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Home buyers often call and ask what down payment options are available. Some still think they would need to put down a minimum down payment of 20%. For many homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers, it’s difficult to have that much available cash. Today, a number of options allow a much lower…
Almost daily, our staff at Indigo Mortgage receives calls from new and existing borrowers saying they have seen really low rates advertised and want to know if we can match those rates. The first thing we tell them is that we can give them any interest rate they wish-- BUT…
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