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Monday Nov 28, 2016

KKOB on November 29

Today on KKOB, Ben Lucero talks about the dangers of holding onto a home equity line of credit for too long, and what the potential rate increase next month could mean for homeowners.
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A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, allows a homeowner to tap into their home’s equity at a low interest rate. HELOC’s are great for major expenses such as education, home improvements or unexpected medical bills. However, because HELOC’s carry a variable mortgage interest rate, when interest rates rise,…
Tuesday Nov 22, 2016

KKOB on November 22

Ben Lucero of Indigo Mortgages discusses the recent rise in interest rates and what this means for homebuyers. You may be surprised by how many great financing opportunities are still out there!
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Here at Indigo Mortgage, we’ve been talking a lot the last several years about how interest rates have been at historic lows, but following the election, we’ve slight increase in rates and some borrowers are concerned. True, interest rates have risen almost a full percentage point above where they were…
Tuesday Nov 8, 2016

KKOB on November 8

It's important to shop around and know your options when you're looking to refinance or obtain a loan. Often, you can get lower rates than you expect, especially now that rates are at historic lows. If one lender turns you down, don't give up! Ben Lucero discusses the many options…
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Tuesday Nov 8, 2016

Know Your Mortgage Options!

At Indigo Mortgage, we believe that it’s imperative to shop around before purchasing a loan or refinancing. Homeowners don’t always realize how many options are available, and often they accept higher rates than they deserve. In some cases, homeowners are turned down for a loan or a refinance, and they…
Tuesday Nov 1, 2016

KKOB November 1

Working with a local lender has some distinct advantages. Ben Lucero of Indigo Mortgage discusses why choosing a local broker over a national bank or online lender provides borrowers with lower rates, more options, and unmatched customer service.
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Indigo Mortgage is proud to be a locally owned and operated New Mexico broker. We believe that having a local presence provides many advantages and benefits to our customers. Lower Rates: National lenders often hike up their rates or hide the terms of the loan in the fine print. Because…
Tuesday Oct 25, 2016

KKOB on October 25

Many lenders are implementing deceptive tactics to incentivize their loans, but they aren't sharing all of the facts about their rates and fees. We encourage veterans to keep their mortgage local and enlist the help of Indigo Mortgage.
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Recently, we’ve been getting phone calls from veterans asking us to match low rates they’ve seen advertised. Upon further investigation, we often find that these rates are not what they seem. For example, clients may be offered a 30-year mortgage with a low rate like 2.5% or 2.75%, but the…
Residential home construction loans have made a huge comeback. Many homeowners are opting to build a custom new home rather than buy a new home. Of course a process this complex and expensive comes with its share of anxiety. Planning ahead can ease some of the stress and make the…
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