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Tuesday Sep 27, 2016

KKOB on September 27

Interest rates are near historical lows. It's a great time for veterans to consider the benefits of Indigo Mortgage's VA loan and refinancing options.
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Tuesday Sep 20, 2016

KKOB on September 20

There may be some confusion among homebuyers regarding available mortgage programs. Listen as Indigo Mortgage owner, Ben Lucero, outlines the best downpayment options in this radio segment.
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Home buyers often call and ask what down payment options are available. Some still think they would need to put down a minimum down payment of 20%. For many homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers, it’s difficult to have that much available cash. Today, a number of options allow a much lower…
Almost daily, our staff at Indigo Mortgage receives calls from new and existing borrowers saying they have seen really low rates advertised and want to know if we can match those rates. The first thing we tell them is that we can give them any interest rate they wish-- BUT…
Many of our clients have mentioned receiving quoted mortgage rates that are extremely low in the mail or online. When we get calls like these, we like to talk to our clients and ask a few simple questions to establish what type of mortgage loan is being quoted. It is…
Thursday Sep 1, 2016

KKOB on August 30

It's important to understand a few things when seeing extremely low mortgage rates online, in the mail or on the radio. There are a few questions you can ask that will help you sort through these offers and make an educated decision when choosing your mortgage lender. Come to Indigo…
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Thursday Aug 25, 2016

KKOB on August 23

Indigo Mortgage has partnered with United Wholesale Mortgage to offer New Mexicans a 1% down payment mortgage. The way it works is the buyer goes into a traditional 3% down loan, but only pays 1% and United Wholesale Mortgage gifts the other 2%. This shouldn't be mistaken as a second…
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Indigo Mortgage has teamed up with United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) to offer our fellow New Mexicans a 1% down payment mortgage loan. A 1% down payment is much different than any other loan on today’s market. The underlying loan is the conventional 3% down loan program, but the borrower only…
Tuesday Aug 23, 2016

KKOB on August 16

The veterans refinance mortgage program allows veterans to refinance a mortgage that is not currently a VA loan, then Indigo Mortgage can finance 100% loan to value into the new loan. If a veteran wants to refinance and pay off debt at any time, we have lenders that allow 100%…
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Thursday Aug 11, 2016

KKOB on August 9

Indigo Mortgage is excited to announce that we have partnered with the Lobos in a promotion called The Hero of the Game to recognize and thank veterans for their service. To nominate your Hero of the Game, just go to www.golobos.com/hero and write a brief summary on why your nominee…
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Indigo Mortgage is excited to be partnering with the Lobos in a promotion where fans will nominate an active duty military serviceman or woman as “The Hero of the Game”. To nominate your favorite serviceman or woman, log on to www.golobos.com/hero and submit a summary of why your nominee should…
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