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As borrowers know by now, interest rates have been on the increase in late May and early June of 2013. But let’s put it into perspective. The rates may no longer be at the lowest in history, but they are still at historically low levels. Borrowers should know that they…
Tuesday Jun 11, 2013

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Mortgage Evaluation: Determine the Rate That Will Accomplish Your Goals
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Wednesday Jun 26, 2013

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Mortgage Interest Rates Have Come Off the Bottom, But There are Still Opportunities for Homeowners Looking to Refinance
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Thursday Jul 18, 2013

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More option for Veterans: Indigo Mortgage is now able to offer veterans the 100% refinance loan.
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People who want to purchase a second home have additional requirements to document that home's purpose. The rules are really quite specific. Borrowers wishing to purchase a 2nd home, a rental property or a non-owner occupied property will need to know what classifies homes as such. The rule of thumb…
Tuesday May 28, 2013

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Albuquerque Mortgage Misconceptions Match National Survey
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It’s hard to image that bank statements can affect a mortgage loan, but they can.Verifying a borrower’s assets usually involves checking and savings accounts. For example if a borrower’s application says the borrower has $2500 in their bank account as assets, then the lender wants to see two months of…
Tuesday May 7, 2013

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Mortgage Rules for Second Homes
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Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

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Mortgage Loan Options: Conventional, FHA, VA Loans
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A new national study just released shows that nearly 50% of homebuyers make the decision on which lender to finance their purchase, using their realtor’s recommendation. So instead of shopping around for a lender, homebuyers are influenced by their agent to use the lender of the realtor’s choice-- for better…
Tuesday Apr 16, 2013

Mortgage Updates and Tips

Things in the mortgage industry are always changing! Today, we have a quick overview of some recent changes and enhancements, and some tips. The first one: the “HARP-2” or Home Affordable Refinance Program was set to expire in December of this year but has now been extended until the end…
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