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Tuesday Sep 17, 2013

KKOB on September 17th

Although mortgage rates have seen an increase over the last few months, there are still some great opportunities for borrowers.
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Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

KKOB on September 10th

The FHA has just announced some new rules which will affect Reverse Mortgages.
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Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

KKOB on September 24th

Whether it’s local, internet or out of state lenders, in today’s mortgage market, borrowers have 3 choices, or types of lenders, to find their mortgage loan.
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Wednesday Oct 2, 2013

KKOB on October 1

Indigo mortgage, along with the Hispano Chamber of Commerce, is sponsoring an educational series that starts October 8 and runs once a week until November 26.
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Wednesday Oct 9, 2013

KKOB on October 8

With the government shutdown, I just want to advise home-owners, whether they are in a mortgage transaction now or are anticipating a purchase or refinance, what this means to them.
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Thursday Oct 17, 2013

KKOB on October 15

Don't just ask about the rate, ask if the lender offers lender credits and you might be surprised what you find.
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Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

KKOB on October 22

In less than a month, Fannie Mae is implementing a new mortgage guideline that requires a larger minimum down payment.
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Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

KKOB on October 29

Adjustable rates have made a comeback recently; mainly because borrowers can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as the value of their home.
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