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It is not uncommon for a second home to be confused with an investment property. To distinguish between the two, there are a few ground rules to establish.
Many people have never heard of the VA jumbo loan and don’t know what it entails. The VA jumbo loan is used when a veteran needs a mortgage loan greater than $417,000. Today, the interest rate for a VA jumbo loan is well below 4% for a 30 year fixed…
Last week, we discussed the importance of veterans shopping their mortgages around because rates and closing costs can vary from lender to lender. Two veterans decided to shop their mortgages with us this week, and they both got a rate 0.5% lower than what their other lender was offering and…
Over the last few months, interest rates have remained steady. They have remained close to historical lows which has allowed borrowers to pursue a purchase loan or refinance their current loan. With these low rates, Indigo Mortgage has seen the amount of lender credits increasing with FHA and VA mortgages.…
Last week we received a call from a veteran who had called the VA to ask questions about his benefit for a VA mortgage. After getting his questions answered the representative at the VA told him to be careful about calling out of state and big name lenders and advised…
Commercial Lending Under $500,000 is difficult to obtain. Indigo Mortgage has lending options to help.
Thursday Jul 30, 2015

CFPB Website Full of Complaints

Mortgage Loan horror stories and complaints populate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's website. So, what can you do to protect yourself during the lending process?
Interest Only Loans are making a comeback, but are they right for you?
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